Ron Paul Florida – Fair Tax Rally in Jacksonville




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2 responses to “Ron Paul Florida – Fair Tax Rally in Jacksonville

  1. Right on! Good camera work…directional mike if you do this a lot and the camera allows (mounts) for it. Would have been nice to know what you were handing out.

    And I noticed you got distracted by people latching on to you. I generally, keep passing out stuff (the primary goal), and don’t let people interfere. Answering questions is fine, unless it interferes with your brief opportunity, like they insist on blocking you access to those exiting. It can be hard if they are deliberately doing it, but that is also when it is the most fun.

  2. Jon

    Hi, I’m the co-organizer of the Jacksonville Ron Paul group. At this event we were passing out Ron Paul “slim jim” information cards, similar to what is available at the Ron Paul website. The response was positive, and we were able to get the cards into most people’s hands.

    The event was actually for Rudy Giuliani, but FairTax supporters and Ron Paul supporters were present. Rudy was jeered for not supporting FairTax.

    Full coverage of the event is here:

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