Ron Paul Indiana – The Ron Paul sign challenge

We made 5 signs that read:

1. USE
2. Common Sense
3. Support
4. The Constitution
5. Ron Paul 2008

We spread out and held the signs in sequence on the left and right side of the street. This technique forces drivers to subconsciously begin to read, and then finish the message as they travel down the road.

This is much more effective then bunching up and holding several signs at one intersection. This could be called creating an experience for the consumer, if we were slimy marketers, but lets just say it’s a cost and time effective way to spread the message.

Here is the challenge…

Which Ron Paul group can create the longest string of signs that reads as one continuous message?

Once this challenge is met, our group will up the ante and contact local media to cover this quirky phenomenon that is taking place around the country (another aspect of the story is the role websites like Youtube, Eventful, and Meetup are playing in this years Presidential race). As each effort is topped this gimmick can be used again and again to get coverage by the local media in different communities.

So get out there, make a video response with a message that uses more than 5 signs, and we will top it.”



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