Ron Paul California – Crowd at Mountain View Rally 07/14/07 (googleplex)

“This shows the audience cheer Dr. Paul as he takes the stage in Mountain View, across the street from Google’s world headquarters on a Saturday morning. The crowd was far larger than the organizers expected; their permit was for a smaller gathering. The Congressman spoke for approximately 40 minutes to constant applause.”

Here is the rest of the event:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3



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4 responses to “Ron Paul California – Crowd at Mountain View Rally 07/14/07 (googleplex)

  1. Bob Robertson

    Oh, the Irony. They had to get a _permit_ to have Ron Paul speak.

    If there was ever a more perfect message of overarching government interference in people’s lives, that’s it.

  2. J. Norton

    Amazing man….so much common sense coming from his lips. I hope Americans wake up before it is too late.

  3. D. Marks

    This man speaks the truth. He needs prime time media coverage to get this honest, sensible message across to ALL Americans. Reclaim your rights and liberty by voting for Ron Paul. I eagerly await his next speeches and hope and pray he remains safe. Because what this man is talking about stirs a MASSIVE hive, of the controllers of the current Govt.
    What an amazing place the U.S would be if this man was President.

  4. Ri.chilu

    ok guys u might as well just give up and realize that there is not going to be a president that is not part of the stablishment. u are being forced fed on who the system think you should choose. at the end they all think the same way. they all ponder to same people that are donating millions of dollars in backdoor donations. i have not viewed all these videos but i would tell u that the press, which is ran by a few individuals who are either caught up with values or liberty but forget about common sense.

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