Ron Paul Oklahoma – Rally Outside Drillers Stadium in Tulsa, OK

“Tulsa, OK Ron Paul Meetup group rally at Drillers stadium.”


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One response to “Ron Paul Oklahoma – Rally Outside Drillers Stadium in Tulsa, OK

  1. Jared P

    Ron Paul gets my vote too! I think the reason he is so popular here in Tulsa is because we want our soldiers home. We are tired of war with countries who had no threat to our nation. Our soldiers need to be here not off in foreign countries fighting an ideological enemy that has no country. There are terrorists all over the world how can we stop them all. There in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Darfur, etc. It’s time the rest of the country understand the principle of non intervention foreign policy. Our military should not police the world. Who wants a one world government anyways. Not the people of the U.S. Folks if you hear what I’m saying I ask you to stand up for what you believe. Bring our troops home. Get out and vote for the only candidate who wants to bring em home. Other media outlets want you to believe that we can’t just leave. Well we can. Iraq wants us gone, we can protect our troops as we withdraw. The people knew we were coming when we marched to Baghdad and it doesn’t matter if they know when were leaving.

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