Ron Paul Supporters in Iowa parade

“Ron Paul supporters spreading the message of Liberty and Freedom through Constitutional government at a small-town Iowa parade.”



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11 responses to “Ron Paul Supporters in Iowa parade

  1. Nena Norwood

    I just posted this on the dailypaul under the heading: “Why Ron Paul Will Win” I applaud the two families for the parenting job they are doing and recognize their precious children as the best ads we could ever have for just why we need Ron Paul. I want all of those children to grow up under freedom and liberty and have the chance to become fully actualized individuals, with all the gifts they have to offer.

    This video made me cry. And, it is why Ron Paul will win. Thank you!

  2. wow, what a great video.

    Go Paul!!!!!!

  3. Glen

    This Inspired me even more. Thanks. We’re doing all we can down here in Texas.

    Read this. Looks like they are feeling the same about our Constitution in Georgia.

  4. bradley

    good video. reminds me of America.

  5. Wanda

    What a wonderful job! God Bless your families!

  6. George Whitfield

    Great effort and fine video. Thank you for supporting Ron Paul in a very important state in the campaign.

  7. M. Raborn

    Everyone should make sure they have an entry in their county fair parade this year for Ron Paul.
    Next year prior to the November election, all the candidates will want to be in the parade, but this year we can make Ron Paul the star of the parade.
    You have really inspired me, as I am sure you will do many others! Thanks and never forget….
    Ron Paul for President in 2008!

  8. TroubledTypist

    That’s awesome!

    Is there an mp3 of that last song? I’d sure like to use it as a background sound on my website.

  9. Terry Orloske

    Wow !!!! What an AWESOME video!! This makes me proud to be An American to see this! You all should be highly proud of yourselves for this outstanding video you made. I stand and Salute you all! Well done!!

  10. Great video
    I have been thinking of doing the same thing…finding parades

  11. We would like to thank all of you for your wonderful comments. We had a great time at the parade and were so excited to see supporters along the parade route. We have talked to our children about our country, our Constitutional rights and the importance of getting Ron Paul into the White House in 2008. They are not motivated by what mommy and daddy are doing but by the hope that someday their burdens would be less than their parents. They deserve to be free and not under the finger of the government. Keep the comments coming!!!

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