20,020 Ron Paul MeetUp Members 7/18/07

Ron Paul 2008
20,020 Members in 547 Meetup Groups, 3,788 waiting for a Meetup Group
23808 total << NOTE: Over 750 new active members and over 800 total new members in just one day. The rate of growth is increasing.

Ron Paul & Ben Bernanke: testimony to U.S. House

“Ron Paul (R-Tx) testimony to U.S. House Financial Services Committee (& FED Chair Ben Bernanke’s response) July 18, 2007”

To see the full hearing visit:


Ron Paul appears at about minute 20 minutes into the video. On again at 1:44:00


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One response to “20,020 Ron Paul MeetUp Members 7/18/07

  1. NH

    I noticed 8 new members on the Concord NH group today.

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