Ron Paul Booth At The County Fair

“Our local Meetup group hosted a Ron Paul booth at the Madison County Fair in Madison, Nebraska. We estimate we handed out material and/or spoke with around 75 visitors to our booth and put Ron Paul’s name in front of thousands more.”



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2 responses to “Ron Paul Booth At The County Fair

  1. South Jersey RP group

    Good work. We have been doing some the same things out here, in the wonderful Peoples Republic of New Jersey. Yesterday we had a real good event (a music festival), and we pumped out about 200 of fliers, and business cards, in just a few hours. We have 55 people in our meetup group, but only had six people at the event. I am hoping for more in the future. Little things like this a dozen new supporters here, 20 here, 50 here, are going to go a long way in getting the word out, that freedom really does offer hope.

  2. Ron Paul info at both LPNH outreach table & NH GOP info table, at North Haverhill Fair. July 26-29.Tables diagonally opposite each other.Rudy people glare at Libertarians, or maybe at Ron Paul signage?!
    Next gig, Cheshire County Fair, Swanzey, NH July 31-Aug.5, 2007.

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