23,529 Ron Paul MeetUp Members 7/29/07

Ron Paul 2008
23,529 Members in 608 Meetup Groups, 4,065 waiting for a Meetup Group
27,594 Total

Ron Paul at the Buckhorn Museum in San Antonio, Tx. Part 1

(also see http://ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?t=9607)

Ron Paul at the Buckhorn Museum in San Antonio, Tx. Part 2

Ron Paul at the Buckhorn Museum in San Antonio, Tx. Part 3

Free Minds TV July 27, 2007 (Episode 31)

Toby and Nick talk about firecrackers in NH before talking with Kate Rick from Ron Paul HQ about Ron Paul’s campaign for president. Later Toby and Nick delve into the news, addressing a water main burst which brought fears of terrorism to many, and 46 anti-war protesters led by Cindy Sheehan arrested in Washington DC. We also show video from Dave Ridley and his trial for distributing hand bills at the IRS, as well video from the Kat Kanning and Lauren Canario arrest at the IRS in Keene NH, and an exclusive interview with Kat after she was released from jail. We also dip into the Mail Bag and listen to a couple of voice mails left on the Talk Back Line.”




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12 responses to “23,529 Ron Paul MeetUp Members 7/29/07

  1. NH

    I LOVE IT! Dr. Paul, telling jokes, raggin’ on the ‘other’ candidates, he’s finally comfortable with his celebrity! I love it….love it love it…. The audio is a bit hard to understand but the reception is obviously wonderful.

  2. Wanda

    What a ham! I love him!

  3. scott

    register to vote…………..vote RON PAUL…

  4. atvdude

    I loved it too! i just wish he would not expound so much… going back to WWI and saying we shouldn’t have fought it… there was a gasp in the room… ALL off us have gotten our WWI info from school and the history books.. We see it as our great rescue of Europe… HE IS RIGHT.. the policy started from that point on has led to where we are today… but the term TMI comes to mind..

    That is too much info.. and many will seize on to those snippit sound bites to further their “cooky” rethoric.. folks like Hannity Oxycontibaugh and others.. without REALLY LOOKING AT THE ARGUMENT!

    So I suggest he tell us his policy and not go so far back into history and challenge beliefs taught in school.. i.e. WWI..
    INSTEAD!! Focus on the OTHER beliefs we were taught in school… that the CONSTITUTION MATTERED…and that our GOVERNMENT FOLLOWED IT!!

  5. In what video, and at what time, does he make ‘the joke’ ?

    (always looking for shortcuts 🙂

  6. bradleyq

    Ron Paul is smokin!
    I think that wether people know it or not, they long to be free. Thats the attraction. It’s a soul thing.
    I’m not talking about the sixties hippy kind of free where you can walk around the mall with your pants around your ankles.
    I’m talking the kind of liberty where one can feel safe as opposed to “secure” (there is more than one definition for the word secure, like tied down).

  7. Woo hoo! He’s getting better and better at this.


  8. NH

    The joke was in video one or two not sure, but he talks about McCain wanting to borrow money from him, really funny!

  9. Andy

    Can you imagine Giuliani asking his family to stand up. I read somewhere that most of his kids don’t speak to him anymore, so if they were at one of his fund raisers they would probably heckle him, although his girlfriends might stand-up for him in return some jewelry or a free meal perhaps.

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  11. jeff

    Instead of developing an ego from being a celebrity, Ron Paul remains humble, and emphasizes “liberty,” not “Ron Paul.”

    He sticks his neck out for us, so I propose all of us Ron Paul supporters come out of the closet and stick out necks out for him

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