Ron Paul Sign Making “Celebration” Atlanta Area

“Three Ron Paul Meetup groups combine efforts at a sign making party and BBQ on Saturday July 28, 2007.”



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4 responses to “Ron Paul Sign Making “Celebration” Atlanta Area

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  2. NH

    Thanks! It is very important to show up at GOP meetings, and GOP booths at fairs and festivals and town celebrations througout the summer and fall in order to spread the word about Dr. Paul.

  3. cfountain72

    This is a great bunch of folks in the Atlanta area working hard to spread the good name and message of Ron Paul. He is very fortunate to have them on his side.

    Peace be with you.

  4. Abouthadit - Phil

    That was a great time. Everyone should do that, then get out and get visible!!! 🙂
    Support Ron Paul with your time and your talents, including the unconstitutional federal reserve notes.

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