Ron Paul Supporters in Iowa Parade- #2

“We did it again! We participated in another parade to spread the RON PAUL message. This time the parade was the National Balloon Classic Parade in Indianola, Iowa.
We hope you enjoy the video. Please leave us a comment and rate the video.
Thanks for all the encouragement.



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3 responses to “Ron Paul Supporters in Iowa Parade- #2

  1. william johnson

    Thanks for all your hard work.
    Bill Johnson

  2. GeorgThomas

    Great stuff! Thanks ever so much. You are doing very important work to ensure victory today. I am optimistic for the short run. But just imagine what the world will look like, when the kids watch this vid in 10 years time. This seed will grow and grow and grow. I wished my parents had planted something like this. I’m 48. I took me all my adult life to find out about liberty. Your kids already know about it.


  3. Sara

    Hey guys! I was at the parade – the one near the end with the stroller 🙂 I told my husband we had to look for me online! He is the ultimate Ron Paul supporter and was pleased to get the video! Indianola is my hometown but we were only visiting this time as we live out of state.

    That was fun! Thanks!

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