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Ron Paul Rally – Pittsburgh, Pa

” Ron Paul Rally – Pittsburgh, Pa”


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Mirror, mirror, on the wall..

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Ron Paul Rally / Operation Save America / Alamo Style

“Hitting the streets just like Davy Crockett would were he alive today… No holding back”

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RON PAUL: Bigger than Hip Hop

“www.grassrootsronpaul.org California Central Coast Ron Paul MeetUp making signs to the tune of “Bigger than Hip Hop,” by Dead Prez.”

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Ron Paul Pittsburgh Rally, August 2, 2007

“Brought to you by “The Sign”

My son Max and I attended the Pittsburgh, PA Rally on August 2, 2007. We also attended the Pre-Rally Briefing. It was awesome. We got to meet the man himself, up close and personal. We also met his wife and some of his family. They were all very nice and personable. In fact, they were genuine. There kindness was too natural to be rehersed. And that includes Nathaniel, the young great grandson or great nephew, etc….as he was Max’s age (8 years old or so) and he was just as nice as any young man you’d meet anywhere. They were all quite natural in their kindness and it truly inspired confidence. I am not used to having my confidence inspired. It was refreshing. (more) “

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29,637 Ron Paul MeetUp Members 8/3/07 (now reporting total number)

Ron Paul 2008
25,402 Members in 645 Meetup Groups, 4,235 waiting for a Meetup Group
29,637 Total

Ron Paul Denounces Iraq Invasion, N.A. Union, IncomeTax & DU

Ron Paul also mentions the WTO and CODEX ALIMENTARIUS in this video.  You can learn more here.

Codex Alimentarius P1

Codex Alimentarius P2

Codex Alimentarius P3

Codex Alimentarius P4

Codex Alimentarius P5

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