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Freeway Campaigning for Ron Paul

“The Austin Ron Paul 2008 Meetup Group hits the street to campaign”

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Tallahassee Ron Paul Meetup

“Sign-making and sign-waving in Tallahassee for Dr. Paul. Music by Chuck Berry and Jefferson Airplane.”

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O’Town 23July2007

“Rally “Mega March” for Ron Paul
O’town, FL”

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Get Out and Shout for Ron Paul

“Help grow Ron Paul’s name recognition to the people where you live. Individuals living in Northern Colorado got out on Friday, August the 3rd in Fort Collins, Colorado, and shouted for Ron Paul. At 5:30pm we met at a busy intersection and with our homemade signs and gusto we made ourselves seen and heard. A small summer shower did not deter our passion. Good fun!

We met each other using the web site: http://www.meetup.com”

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29,862 Ron Paul MeetUp Members 8/4/07

Ron Paul 2008
25,613 Members in 654 Meetup Groups, 4,249 waiting for a Meetup Group
29,862 Total


14 Defining Characteristics Of Fascism

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