You have to see the end of this one!

“Comparison of grassroots reporting vs. mainstream reporting.”

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To see how the local news covered Ron Paul supporters click here.



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33 responses to “You have to see the end of this one!

  1. Lawrence Lepard

    Hey ABC, feeling the heat? What a shame if your bought and paid for candidate is upset by a true patriot.

  2. Alexia

    They’ve been doing this crap for decades. I went to an anti (Vietnam) war protest once, and the crowd was amazingly diverse. There were guys wearing suits and ties who came from their lunch hour, mechanics, secretaries, Moms pushing strollers….and the 6:00 news only showed a small bunch of hippies smoking pot.

  3. rpmuv

    Thank god for the internet! Now we can see and spread the truth.

  4. Amy

    wow.. that’s ridiculous.

  5. DC Wornock

    Ron Paul is America’s last hope. Whether or not the general public can become aware of how main stream media is misleading them, I don’t know. If not the international bankers and the CFR will have won and the people of the USA will be under a dictatorship far worse than that of the kings of the past.

  6. This is awful! And with the confusing debate air times and them reseting the online poll, this is the last straw for me. We need to make the American consumer and advertiser aware of the shoddy nature of ABC’s journalism.

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  8. Gary S.

    It’s time to hit back against this. How do I spell relief? BOYCOTT! That’s how. Boycott all things ABC, their news, their web site, Disney, and especially their advertisers.

  9. Sherris

    We NEED to do something. We live in America and we are being SILENCED. Ron Paul is our only hope to try and get us back on track. We have to somehow get mainstream America to understand and get him on the ballot.

  10. bluto20

    @Gary S.

    that would include ESPN too. try telling that to your guy friends.

  11. Sam Handwich

    This is like in Revenge of the Nerds II when the trilams were being sabotaged by the jocks

  12. Abouthadit - Phil

    Cancel your cable and go on-line news only. THEN they will get the message. They only understand money.

    Freedom is popular

  13. Bill O. Rights

    Ron Paul won the debate according to ABC’s own poll.

    Americans want change in Washington!

    The American people are against those in Washington starting illegal preemptive unnecessary wars, spying on the American people, and spending money they do not have. That is why disproval ratings of Congress and President are at historic lows. Americans want change! Americans want a leader who actually believes in the Constitution which is incredibly rare in Washington these days.

    70% of Americans want us out of Iraq and want change.

    Ron Paul is only republican candidate against the war.

    Ron Paul only needs about 30% vote from republicans sick of the war and abuse of powers to win in republican primaries.

    Ron Paul is not against war as a pacifist.

    Ronald Reagan said that “Ron Paul is one of the outstanding leaders fighting for a stronger national defense. As a former Air Force officer, he knows well the needs of our armed forces, and he always puts them first.”

    Ron Paul is just against illegal preemptive unnecessary wars that make America and the world less safe.

    Ron Paul can win.

    Ron Paul has over 30,000 registered volunteers. More than all other candidates combined (maybe more than any candidate in history). And more registering now at

    Dr. Ron Paul has the most contributions from U.S. military personnel and veterans above all other candidates. So support the troops and vote Ron Paul!

    Ron Paul places 1st or 2nd in every straw poll, debate, and active participation survey.

    Ron Paul is 1st on YouTube, Meetup, MySpace, Technorati, Alexa, Clickz, Google, etc. The old media is just too slow to realize what is happening.

    Do not listen to the so called ‘Scientific Polls’. Ron Paul is not included in the cleverly woven questions pollsters are asking. This has been well documented.

    Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton were doing about the same in the ‘Scientific Polls’ at this stage in their elections. ‘Scientific Polls’ at this stage only measure name recognition. Over the next six months Ron Paul will gain name recognition. Most people who learn about Ron Paul become major supporters.

    A big problem with our electoral process is that the old media generally supports the richest candidates (who got their money from special interest). Those are the worst candidates because they are owned by special interest and lobbyists. Hopefully the internet will help restore balance and choice.

    Dr. Ron Paul is the only major candidate not owned by military-industrial-complex, corporations, special interest, lobbyists, etc. Fix the system and vote Ron Paul. And tell everyone you know. Now is the time to set ourselves free.

    The American people know that something is very wrong in Washington. The American people want change!

    Visit YouTube and search Ron Paul to learn more…
    Join the Revolution — Vote Ron Paul!

  14. Jim B

    This is pretty sad, but not terribly surprising. Anyone who believes that the press isn’t incredibly slanted towards the left or right side of the establishment simply hasn’t been paying attention.

    In 1992 Andre Marrou, the Libertarian candidate was denied entry to the Presidential debates even though the debate commission (a private Republican/Democrat corporation) said he could participate if he was on the ballot in all 50 states. He was on the ballot and he was still denied entry. Not only was he denied access to the debates at Washington University, but C-SPAN had scheduled an interview with him and he was denied access even to the interview on the grounds of Wash U.

    I was one of the totally peaceful marchers at Washington University, kids in tow on that fateful day carrying signs like “We thought this was a democracy”. City cops (in the county) began beating up our photographer for no reason at all. We have that on video tape. Having created a violent atmosphere, what must have been the Secret Service, dressed in all-black camo, leading German sheperds and pointing MP5 submachine guns herded us all behind a baseball backstop.

    We were detained there as all of the St. Louis Press simply filed past in close view. TV journalists, the newspaper “man of the people” all simply filed past and missed a Pulitzer Prize-Winning photograph of simple citizens participating in “democracy” were denied their voice behind a fence by the police state. The Republic crushed.

    Doubly ironic since the “journalists” were from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, founded by Joseph Pulitzer.

    I was there that day. I remember it all. That was the day the United States died for me.

  15. Mike

    As a Canadian, I can’t vote in your upcoming election but hopefully the US populous wakes up and finally does something right for once, which would start with electing Ron Paul. Gotta love a *real* candidate and not just some mouthpiece for the real powers that run your country.

    The government should be afraid of the people, not the other way around.

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  17. MDKidd

    Personally, I love it when the MSM does things like this. Why? Because it exposes, for all to see, what these elites are capable of, and at the same time, validates what all of us Ron Paul supporters have been saying for years. Most importantly, I love how it motivates and energizes all of Paul’s supporters to see the rEVOLution through to its fruition. Thanks ABC.

  18. This just really irks me. ABC is just showing their big corp media bias. George Stephanopoulos is one of the biggest CFR mouthpiece flunkies on Television.

    When he said to Ron Paul that he can’t win this is what he meant. The main stream media will shut him out as they do anyone who will work for the people and not just for the big corporations and bankers. That might have been true in the past when the MSM controlled the information but not any more by George.

  19. PRStein

    It is precisely because real people via the Internet are doing the reporting this time around that the game has changed dramatically. Ron Paul has been an applicant for the job before, however, he did not have the Internet at the time to spread the word.

    Let’s all remain vigilant of media bias and find a way to bypass their protective wall, shielding their chosen candidates. Mr. Smith goes to Washington in the form of Dr. Paul. We are certainly fortunate that he wants the job!

  20. I can’t wait till August 11th comes. I believe that the world will finally get an honest look at the one man who can bring this nation back to its former greatness.

  21. SESinger

    Welcome to the world of Howard Dean supporters! How many of you bought the MSM garbage about “Dean’s Scream”? How many of you decided he was just too “unstable” to be president based on those edited 10 seconds of tape? This is not the first time that an outsider candidate has been thugged by the MSM — that is, made to appear insignificant, silly, shaky, wild-eyed, unpredictable — whatever negative image can be pinned and stay pinned.

    Or how about Al Gore? How many of you hated Al Gore because, according to Limbaugh and the Faux News echo chanber, “he claimed to have invented the internet.” That’s a lie. He never did. He helped get the funding for the first incarnation of an internet, but he NEVER claimed he invented it. Still, when you talk to Repugs and other self-styled conservatives, that’s what they’ll tell you. They are still repeating these lies seven years into the disaster of the Bush-Cheney dictatorship.

    Yes, the MSM is controlled by extremely wealthy and powerful people who want to run the world to their own benefit. So, the MSM goes out of its way to tear down candidates who might pose a threat to their way of running the world. That is no surprise. It’s been happening for quite a while — remember Eugene McCarthy? Is anyone here old enough to remember what was done to McCarthy? What about McGovern and the saga of his vice-presidential choice?

    Thankfully, now we do have a fully functional internet where you and I can post independent assessments to show how things really are. But don’t be surprised at the dastardly doings of ABC News and its biased coverage. That’s truly old news.

  22. Brett Weese

    I was shown this by my boss and was appalled. Here is the local ABC footage from that day who actually gave us a fair chance.

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  24. Steve Savage

    ABC is corporate media. Corporations don’t like Ron Paul because he wants to take away their subsidies, dismantle the lobbyist framework in washington, and force companies to compete on their own merits with their own money.
    In other words he’s their Luke Skywalker, and he’s flying darn close to the thermal exhaust port.

  25. Joe

    that actually kinda makes me sick to my stomach. A lot of people had to get involved in making those image selection decisions… major uphill battle but that just means MORE, LOUDER support for the good doctor.

  26. This is indeed a sign that a Ron Paul candidacy is now actually feared by those in power. We must continue to try to awaken the vast majority who remain in the “media induced” coma. This is our last chance.

  27. More people would do political activity, esp peaceful activity, if we wouldn’t probably lose our jobs by not working 24/7 or because our slavemasters don’t like to hear support for Ron Paul who wants to improve worker conditions and target corruption in corporate politics.

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  29. billy kilford

    Internet wins again!!

  30. Thank GOD for the internet. We WILL NOT be silenced forever. People across the world are seeing the actions of this empire and are becoming aware of how manipulated we have been our whole lives. It is time to dismiss ALL mass media sources that have been swaying our thoughts to align with a lie.

  31. moshe kerr

    Bsm how do we get past these jerks?

  32. moshe kerr

    How do we get past these jerks?

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