Canadians for Ron Paul

“A meetup for Ron Paul in Vancouver, BC Canada. What’s good for America is good for Canada. We are all volunteers who feel that the 2008 US presidential election has important implications for the entire world.

Ron Paul is an inspirational figure who is of tremendous positive influence for civil liberties, among other things, in both our countries.”



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8 responses to “Canadians for Ron Paul

  1. The Ron Paul pavilion will be on Robson Street Tuesday, August 14, from noon to 5.30 p.m.

    I have ordered hundreds of buttons, dozens of Ron Paul T-shirts, stickers, so our booth will look even more impressive. We are putting 4 US flags in the corners of the tent top to make sure we draw more Americans to our booth. The top of the tent will have a 8″x 8′ banner on all four top sides next time so in our next video the tent will look more politicized and decorative.

    We are also holding our laminated 8 foot long (x 3 foot wide) in front of the giant cruise ships at the Vancouver Cruise Ship terminal, giving Ron Paul buttons and literature to the largely affluent & Republican American cruise ship visitor.

  2. Hello All- the cruise ship meetup #1 is on this Sunday, check it out on our site, or if you are in the vancouver area- come out and help us support and Ron Paul!

  3. Shawn

    It is amazing to see how people all over world can become so excited about a candidate who actually tries to speak truthfully about serious issues, even when he is running for office in a foreign country.

    God Bless Dr. Paul; it would be so heartening to see our friends in America elect such a man after the last couple of elections. It’s just a shame the Ron Paul campaign cannot accept foreign donations because of US Election laws šŸ˜¦

  4. Rob

    We must support Ron Paul in Canada. Without him we will loose our borders and currency to the US. The SPP plan, NAFTA and the CFR must be stopped before it;s too late.

    Check out the Canadian Action Party (

    Let’s make a difference

  5. james

    Millions of American’s have never even heard of Ron Paul. Last Saturday I have decided to “paint my car Paul”. I recieved a few honks with a thumbs up. IT WAS AWESOME! On the back window it says “FIX OUR COUNTRY AND JOIN THE REVOLUTION RONPAUL2008.COM” using window chalk which is pretty cheap. Don’t give up! THE REVOLUTION HAS ONLY JUST BEGUN!!!! If everyone knew what he stood for he would be setting in the oval office right now.

  6. Amy

    As an American who is 20 miles (32.19km) away from being a Canadian–I have to thank you for all your support. It’s impressive.

    Thank you.


  7. Hi guys, I have created a site called It is a Google search with Ron Paul information and donation links. I have changed 15 computers in my college library to this from Google. A lot of people are starting to use it and its popping up in public places. Send it around!

    I am a Canadian in Vancouver.

  8. Jacob Walls

    Marc Emery….that is quite the endorsement….I wonder if you would move from BC if RP was pres though….prob not…:)
    I just want to say it is great to see that so many Canadians are waking up to the collectivism vs individualism fight that occurs every day, and so far, seems to have tipped in favor of the collectivists….which will tip all the way into a police-state and Canadians better start getting worried about their own soverignty and freedom, b/c its just an imaginary line that separates our countries….and the collectivists are doing everything they can to form the NAu and eventually have a world-government….truly scary….

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