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Illinois Straw Poll with Ron Paul Activists

My goal with this video is to inspire other Ron Paul supporters to go out and join the fun with the Meet Up groups. Illinois Ron Paul supporters had an amazing turn out at the straw poll. We also had a lot of fun and a great rally. Lets keep up the momentum.


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Lakeland, FL Ron Paul Meetup – “There’s A Revolution !!”

“This is a compilation of several Lakeland, FL Ron Paul meetup events.


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Ron Paul Banner blitz Alabama

“Ron Paul banner blitz in Tuscaloosa the night before the straw poll.”

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Ron Paul supporter

“Ron Paul supporter at the Illinois Straw Poll”

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Meeting Ron Paul

“8/18/2007 I met Ron Paul for the first time here in my home state of NH at the Strafford County Straw Poll.

Knowing his birthday is August 20th (the day after my own) my wife and I wanted to present Ron Paul with a small gift… one gram of .999 pure gold ingot, which he gladly accepted.

It was an honor to meet such an inspirational person. “

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“Do it Yourself” Ron Paul rear window decal

“Applying the graphic is pretty straight forward. See for yourself.

It’s clear “The Establishment” is trying to keep people from hearing about Dr. Paul. They know their candidates can’t compete with his truly AMERICAN message. That’s fine. Let them keep pretending he doesn’t exist. It only makes people (falsely led to believe they must choose between Hillary or Rudy) that much more excited to discover him.”

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