Ron Paul DVD

“An introduction to a DVD I’ve created, that contains 3 1/2 hours of Ron Paul interviews and debates. The video is web-quality, but looks pretty decent on a TV. The video clips are all divided up into chapters/scenes, for quick easy access to a desired clip. Visit for a list of video clips contained on the disc, and for more information on how to order the DVD, at cost.

Freedom’s about to get a LOT more popular…”



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2 responses to “Ron Paul DVD

  1. Thanks for mentioning my efforts. I appreciate it, and hope the word gets out. Ron Paul is the man for the job. I absolutely love the man, and his message.

  2. Jim Hixon

    Hi Nate-

    I’m a member of the Stark County meetup group in Massillon, OH. I volunteered to supply our booth at the upcoming Stark County Fair with videos to hand out & to play promoting Ron Paul. I need to order them from you asap to insure we’ll have them for the August 27th opening date. I’ll be checking your website for ordering info.

    Thank you so much for taking the initiative to produce a video exhibiting Congressman Paul’s rare & valuable qualities that make him the best choice for president in ’08!

    Best wishes -Jim

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