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Ron Paul Airplane Banner

“A brief video of the airplane banner that was towed around the GOP picnic in Nashua, NH 8/19/07”


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35,381 Ron Paul MeetUp Members 8/20/07

Ron Paul 2008
30,701 Members in 754 Meetup Groups, 4,680 waiting for a Meetup Group
35,381 Total


Ron Paul Freedom Fighter

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OZZ Fest Paulination 2007 Tweeter Center Mansfield MA

“OZZ Fest 2007 Tweeter Center Mansfield MA.”

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Happy Birthday Ron Paul (song)

“This is the first time I ever used win movie maker, and I did this in a pinch.

Ron Paul 2008 The song is by Steve Dore myspace.com/inflationnationband .

Vote Ron Paul! “

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Ron Paul Revolution New Jersey Style Pt. 1

” More to come…”

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