What is a NYC Ron Paul Meetup Like?

“For those of you who haven’t joined, or started a Meetup group in your area, here is a video of the Manhattan+ Ron Paul Action Group NYC Meetup group during Ron’s Birthday Bash on August 20th, 2007.”


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  1. NH

    I was told by a member of the press here in NH that he admired the way we were doing a grassroots campaign — getting people to put huge signs in their yards saying ‘vote for my guy’ and emailing and dogging the press for coverage.

    Showing up in numbers demonstrating support is another thing that impressed him because it has allowed him to win straw polls here.

    But the one thing that baffled me was when he say, finally ‘and now the internet’. Well I hate to tell him the internet was not a top down strategy but something that just happened from the beginning. 🙂

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