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Ron Paul booth at Hempfest in Seattle


“The one candidate that is not blowing smoke.’


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Lakeland, FL Ron Paul Meetup – “Let It Rain !!”


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Some nice banners at DailyPaul.com

MeetUps are the best way to promote Ron Paul but when something cool comes along to help with more internet promotion it’s important to share. Check out the nice banners over at DailyPaul.com.

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Dekalb County GOP BBQ and Straw Poll – RON PAUL WINNER

“Ron Paul won the Dekalb County Georgia Straw Poll”


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Ron Paul supporters in Orlando

“Some local news coverage of Ron Paul supporters while Mitt Romney was in Orlando on August 15, 2007”

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The Ron Paul Revolution in Austria, Vienna

“We went all around Vienna (Those are the some of the hottest tourist attractions) and had lots of fun! :o) Just to show the netowrk of volunteers and campaign that some folks abroad are rooting for you!”

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