Phoenix March Across America for Ron Paul

“A video made from Pictures from our March for Ron Paul in Phoenix”



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2 responses to “Phoenix March Across America for Ron Paul

  1. nh4ronpaul

    Yeah well, there’s no support for Ron Paul and he should drop out right? Ridiculous!

    Why can’t people see that the very ones who are being shoved down our throats are part of the club and that’s all the more reason to support Ron.

    Oh by the way, has anyone else noticed that all of these candidates (Rudy, Mitt, John, Mike, etc) have evolved since the first debate and are now honing their ‘conservative-speak’ after finding out what the people really want to hear?

    When candidates are controlled by other forces, they can say whatever they please while campaigning. What they do once elected and under the control of others is another thing…

  2. homenest2002

    I think it’s great with all the support for Ron Paul. We still need to spread the word about him. We have a meetup group in Prescott, Az for him. We need to get the mainstream media to spread the word on him. That is easier said than done.

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