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Ron Paul Stencil making

“stencil making and Packing the Goody bags for Ron Paul in South Carolina”



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Anthony Bullhorning

” Anthony bullhorning at Regent”


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Let’s get active!

“125 people marched 4 miles in the phoenix heat to support Ron Paul.”


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It’s a bird, it’s a plane.. it’s Ron Paul!

“www.myspace.com/skyspotadvertising Skyspot Advertising, LLC. is a night aerial advertising business operating in the greater Tampa, Lakeland, and Orlando areas. Using similar technology as the Good Year Blimp, we scroll messages with an electronic sign from a Cessna 172 aircraft. Messages can be seen over high-density traffic highways, sporting events, festivals, holiday events, and many other venues with a large area of reach. For a free demo, prices, or further information, you can email us at: skyspotadvertising@yahoo.com (more)”



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Mississipi Gulf Coast Ron Paul Meetup Group 8/29/07

“Waving flags on a busy intersecion to get the good Doctors message of freedom acroos in a peaceful productive manner. Thanks to all that attended & I pray for our future success.”


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