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Michael Badnarik – The Federal Reserve System

“An excerpt from a 2001 U.S. Constitution lecture by the 2004 Libertarian Presidental nominee Michael Badnarik covering central banking, the Federal Reserve and money.

Full lecture:


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Michael Badnarik – The Constitution

Michael Badnarik, author and former Presidential candidate, speaks against the Military Commissions Act at UT Austin on November 2, 2006.

Michael is also the author of “Good to be King – The Foundation of our Constitutional Freedom”.”

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The Ron Paul News Channel

“Lets mobilize and take the internet to the people!

Make sure to register “Republican” in your state primary!”

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Promoting Ron Paul – Mercer County Italian American Festival

“Girls Promoting Ron Paul at the Mercer County Italian American Festival. We gave out slim jims and bumper stickers!!!”

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Ron Paul Just Got a Bump In The Polls!

“The mainstream media is spreading disinformation about Ron Paul’s chances. Here’s why Ron Paul’s poll numbers are likely FAR higher than what we are told.”

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Manchester, NH – Free State Project

“Dave Ridley from reports…..

Vid of Dr. Paul at Manchester New Hampshire event 9/29/07.
Endorses free state project
Claims there is a paradigm shift beginning…toward liberty.”

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Ron Paul and supporters march to the Grand Hotel Mackinac Is

“Thank you Ron Paul for coming into my life when you did. I said I would never vote again now look at me Driving 6 hours to Holding up signs, talking to as many people as I can, screaming out your name and most important giving me hope and faith in are government again.”

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