Who Is Ron Paul? (myFox Dallas Fort Worth)

“A surprisingly fair and balanced profile of Dr. Paul on this local Fox News affiliate from Dallas, TX.”


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One response to “Who Is Ron Paul? (myFox Dallas Fort Worth)

  1. Nicolas Martin

    This is as reasonable as a report can be in three minutes. It’s a lot better than a station like WMUR-TV in Manchester, NH, which refused to cover a large Ron Paul event in that town, but ran reports on other candidates the same day who were not in town. It’s also a lot better than the national Fox News network. Kudos to KDFW-TV.

    Dr. Paul is an “internet phenomonon” because many Americans are tired of being kicked around by government which has grown large and unresponsive. They think taxes are too high. They want peace and prosperity without war perpetually looming over the country. And they want to reinvigorate the constitution.

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