Ron Paul Highway Banner Police State

“Join The Revolution at Take Your Country Back Please Do Something!!!!!!! This Was Filmed In Ashwaubenon Wisconsin
Info Sites”

This police officer is completely wrong. It is our protected constitutional right to post signs on public property. This is the phone number of the non-emergency police department in that area: (920) 492-2995
Tom Rolling – Badge Number 683
Please call during the day so you can speak with a supervisor (if you call).


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One response to “Ron Paul Highway Banner Police State

  1. John

    This guy wasn’t making any sense. He said he could arrest you if you were carrying a gun. It doesn’t make any sense that a billboard isn’t violating public safety, but a sign above the freeway is. What about those restaurants that are on overpasses? Are those distracting drivers and causing accidents? Not any more than a private billboard.

    It’s one thing to post an offensive sign on public property, but this is political speech. How can that not be protected given there is no reasonable safety complaint?

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