Truck signs not allowed in Florida

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“Pinellas County Employee removes signs from private property without a warning then threatens $1000/day fines if they are put back up. When calling, the address of the property is:

1780 Kenesaw Ln
Clearwater FL 33765

Let’s take our country back!! ”

And here is another Sign situation:

“Justine decorated her truck with Ron Paul signs. Now she’s being threatened with a fine of up to $1000/day for it.”


(please be polite!)

Department of Environmental Management

512 S. Ft. Harrison Ave.

Clearwater, FL 33756

(727) 464-4761

(727) 464-3174 (fax)



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4 responses to “Truck signs not allowed in Florida

  1. Emanon

    WHY are these citizens abiding by this obvious smothering of our rights??? Why are they not contacting the aclu? Or other lawyers??

    We should not give in… what gives…

  2. Thanks for reporting these infractions upon our First Amendment Rights.
    I have cross posted these videos on my blog at:
    http://RP4.US in the hopes of spreading the word about this problem.

    Keep up the great reporting!
    Eric Burke
    aka Razmear

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  4. dicktater

    The remedy can by found online at the Pinellis County web site. It isn’t as hard to read as they would like for you to believe. The Pinellis County Code is published on the web at:

    Most of the code whish is applicable to signs serves to regulate commercial activity. ALWAYS read the definitions section. ALWAYS read the preamble. ALWAYS determine where the government derives its just authority and to whom it owes its allegience.

    For political and vehicle signs, the appropriate chapters to study can be found in the following PDF files:

    Preamble – CH000.pdf

    PART I

    Sec. 2.02. Security of rights of citizens.
    In order to secure protection to the citizens of the county against abuses and encroachments, the county shall use its powers, whenever appropriate, to provide by ordinance or to seek remedy by civil or criminal action for the following:

    (e) Protection of human rights. The county shall establish provisions, pursuant to state and federal law, for protection of human rights from discrimination based upon religion, political affiliation, race, color, age, sex, or national origin by providing and ensuring equal rights and opportunities for all people of Pinellas County.

    (This tells me that Pinellis County is probably legally obligated to prosecute the county employee who unlawfully removed the signs and, in acting under color of law by threatening severe penalties, is discriminating based upon political affiliation. I smell lawsuit and I like it! :-))

    Signs – CH162.pdf

    (My favorite section is always the definitions):

    Political sign – means any sign which constitutes a political advertisement, the primary purpose of which is related to the candidacy of any person for public office or any issue which has been submitted for referendum approval.

    Vehicle sign – means a sign attached to or placed on a vehicle, including automobiles, trucks,
    boats, campers, and trailers, that is parked on or otherwise utilizing a public right-of-way, public
    property or on private property so as to be intended to be viewed from a vehicular right-of-way for the
    basic purpose of providing advertisement of products or services or directing people to a business or activity. This definition is not to be construed to include those signs that identify a firm or its principal products on a vehicle or such advertising devices as may be attached to and within the normal unaltered lines of the vehicle of a licensed transit carrier, when and during that period of time such vehicle is regularly and customarily used to traverse the public highways during the normal course of business.

    Sec. 162-5. Exempt signs.

    (11) Political signs. Political signs in residential districts shall not exceed six square feet in area per
    sign face; signs in nonresidential districts shall not exceed 32 square feet in area per sign face. The number of such signs shall be as authorized by the local government.

    (It is rather obvious to me that exempt signs are exempt signs. Political signs are exempt signs. In no section of the code does the county attempt to authorize a minimum, much less a maximum number of signs permitted. 🙂

    Sec. 162-6. Prohibited signs.

    (19) Vehicle signs, as defined in this chapter, and portable trailer signs.

    (Applies to commercial vehicles and signs only. Political signs are exempt signs. Period.)

    (The political yard signs in question do not match any of the defined prohibited signs.)

    The only other restriction that could be applicable to the yard signs in question would be if N. Keene Rd. is classified as a scenic/noncommercial corridor. I doubt that it is.

    As long as most people choose to not read the law, it stands to reason that “they” will continue to act as if people don’t read the law.

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