Calling all Paulites…Remember the Fifth of November

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18 responses to “Calling all Paulites…Remember the Fifth of November

  1. Katy

    This is a great video. We need to spread this like wild fire. Lets do it. Put it on facebook. Put it on Myspace. Put it everywhere you can think of. I will defiately do this. Lets get people serious about this.

  2. Great idea, I will spread it around.

  3. chadsly

    Cool video – just get rid of the casket and make “apart” into “a part”. “apart” means separate.

  4. Irene Kapocsi

    Love it!!! Can someone post this on the Ron Paul forum???

  5. Pete4Paul


  6. Gary Morris

    I have been donating for the last two months. I think it is a great idea to have everyone shoot for this goal on one day. It can be done even if everyone can’t afford $100. Not saying everyone shouldn’t give until it hurts but I have given to less worthy causes in the past with much less at stake. We are talking about our way of life and our freedom here.

    If you will take your lunch instead of eating out, take Koolaid, tea, or water or something else cheap with you to drink instead of those Starbucks coffees and those $1.30 softdrinks you get, from now until Nov.5th, you will have more money to donate. Our freedom is definitely worth this small sacrifice.

    Raising this much money in one day for Ron Paul will send a message that will go down in history! We are serious about change and our freedom. The other contenders will be shaking in their shoes. There is no way they will ignore this.

    Now a little critique of the video. I’m with chadsly on the corrections. Get rid of the casket and correct “be apart of it” to read “be a part of it”.

    Just because Ron Paul is president does not mean the caskets will stop. I am sure there will many less but we will still have an army. Just no more preemptive wars. It kind of gives a false message. Other than that, great video. Sorry for the critique!

    Let’s do it!

  7. crambones

    I agree with Gary Morris. This is a shure fire way to shake up the mass media and entrenched political machine. I’m investing for my children’s future. I’m in!!

  8. Tim

    i’ll be donating on the 5th! (I think ‘too’ in “i regret to(o) inform you” should have one fewer ‘o’)

  9. Jason

    I will definitely be donating on November 5th :)!

  10. rick schroeder

    i say if you cant. you need to go to and watch the videos.i know it will change your life.if anything do it for your children and grandchildren

  11. great idea – we needed one place to do this rather than having 10 different places where people say “ill donate X amount if X people do also”

    good job.

  12. Keith Petersen

    I disagree with those wishing to remove the flag draped coffin as one of the travesties of this war has been W’s ability to hide the real cost “for the sake of the families”.

    But coffin or no coffin, I’ll be there early on November 5th to make my donation.

    Remember, remember the 5th of November…

  13. vlastic

    OK, I’ll try too, $ 100, on November 5th.

  14. Rennie

    Money Talks
    Ron Paul Rocks
    Neo Con Hawks
    Will Gasp and Squawk
    Cha Ching Cha Ching
    We’ll Clean Their Clocks!

  15. ray

    why is there no where to digg this? or am i overlooking it?

    otherwise, good work, im already signed up. 7-some odd thousand others are also, last i checked

  16. Lynda

    I would like to say this is the first time since 1994 that I ever felt like getting involved and voting for the Presidential Election. There was noone worth voting for in the last decade or so. Actually since Ronald Reagan….I hope and I pray with all my soul that Ron Paul wins. He is a part of all Our Hopes and Dreams for the True Freedoms of America!!!! Let Freedom Ring!!!! You Go Ron!!!!!!!

  17. Michelle

    Count us in! Ron Paul is our ONLY hope for a better tomorrow!

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