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We Love Ron Paul! Canada Supporters

“Marc Emery and Jodie Emery of Cannabis Culture Magazine are huge fans and supporters of Ron Paul and his presidential campaign! We’ve joined the Vancouver, BC Meet-Up Group “Canadians Love Ron Paul” and have set up our tent and Ron Paul banners downtown in Vancouver to let visiting Americans (and Canadian-Americans) know about the best hope for their country’s future! Here are a few banners and handouts we’ve been using. :)”


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The Ron Paul Revolution in Austria, Vienna

“We went all around Vienna (Those are the some of the hottest tourist attractions) and had lots of fun! :o) Just to show the netowrk of volunteers and campaign that some folks abroad are rooting for you!”

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Montebello, Canada – Ron Paul supporters!

“If the Americans don’t elect him.
I hope he comes to Canada. 🙂
We’ll do the job ourselves. In the meantime, we’ll help you folks spread the message to our American cousins.”

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Why the world loves Ron Paul.

We just received this comment on one of our posts and it’s just so spot on it has to be shared. Best of all it’s written by someone from Germany. It’s comment #1.

“There is only one country with a tradition of freedom strong enough to save the world from tyranny and restore the concept of a civilization: the USA as conceived by the Founding Fathers.”


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A Message to the World – Vote for Ron Paul

“Now forming the International Partners in Peace (IPP).
Fellow Ron Paul supporters from other countries please watch this video.

We are attempting to form a collection of images and videos of worldwide supporters, but we need your help.

Here is what I’m looking for:
Pictures or Videos should include one or two supporters holding a Ron Paul sign or with clothing that says Ron Paul on it.

Please take the video or picture at one of your country’s landmarks holding the sign up for proof you are there.

Please send me a private message if you have posted a video of you or other supporters from another country.
Include: If Youtube Video the URL, if picture I will give you my email to send it to, if there is a quote from a supporter give me your native language and then a rough translation.

The reason I bring this up is because there are skeptics out there that don’t understand that the notion of peace, freedom, and liberty are universal.

And that because the world is smaller than before, that Ron Paul support has massed even in other countries!”


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Canadians for Ron Paul

“A meetup for Ron Paul in Vancouver, BC Canada. What’s good for America is good for Canada. We are all volunteers who feel that the 2008 US presidential election has important implications for the entire world.

Ron Paul is an inspirational figure who is of tremendous positive influence for civil liberties, among other things, in both our countries.”


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With love.. from Germany!


For me this is truly touching, and they wish us a happy fourth of July no less. The world is watching and Ron Paul’s message of Liberty and Freedom is spreading throughout..

Why not send them an email and thank them?!

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