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Rapid City, SD Ron Paul All America Walk


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Supporting Ron Paul in Del Mar 1+2

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My 1st Ron Paul MeetUp 1+2

“Social Sound System

Guiliani was speaking out at the Del Mar Hilton by the Race Tracks a few weeks ago. I figured I’d get out there and show my support for Ron Paul. I stopped by the Meet Up group organizers head quarters and picked up some signs. I ended up meeting up with some other Meet Up groupers and we did our thing. We got at least a 100 honks and cheers. Of course, we also got a few of these: “Not a chance!”, “Communist!”, “Ru Paul?”, “F You!”

I’m not worried. There was a ton of traffic going through there just as there is every day and then the races let out and even more people got the message.

After I went to my 1st MeetUp group and it was amazing to sit and listen to a group of like minded people who just want to save our country. Even though we may not agree with EVERYTHING, we understand and are willing to compromise for the overall good of the people. You know, the way Democracy is supposed to work?

I mean, just LOOK and LISTEN to what people like us are saying and doing! We are getting out there on our own time with our own sweat to support a candidate for the first time and actually believe in what they are trying to do for this country. You sure as hell didn’t see any Guiliani supporters out there. Nope. You saw them pulling up to the Hilton with their SUVs and luxury sedans with their pretty people. Hell, the only Guiliani signs I saw were on the laps of the people as they drove away!

To the polls ye sons of freedom!!!

Viva la revolucion!!!”

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