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Here is a new website that lists other representatives who are running on a platform the same as or similar to Ron Paul’s. Please spread the word and give a link to the site.


The site is brand new, more candidates are being added each week.


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NO FREE SPEECH on the 4th of July

“On July 4th, 2004, Jeffery and Nicole Rank attended an public Independence Day event in Charleston, WV where President Bush was to speak. Despite the fact that the event was open to the public and was held on public land, the Ranks were arrested for wearing anti-Bush t-shirts”

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Painting for Paul, an artist from Maine supporting Ron Paul

“I am a full time landscape artist from Maine. I paint a ton of paintings and sell them worldwide. I will be donating a portion of each painting I sell, from now until I reach my limit of $2300, to Ron Paul’s campaign. I am very excited about Ron Paul, and wanted to think of a new way to support him. I will be updating my progress on my blog http://gagnonstudio.blogspot.com

Thanks for checking out my vid! I will have more to come that focus just on Ron Paul, as well as other paintings for Paul…

Ron Paul 2008!! Take back our Freedom!!”


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The Ron Paul Truck

“A little video on how I decorated my truck to support Ron Paul for President in 2008!

If you’ve got other neato ideas to promote RP, or if you do up your own banners, post a video response to this video if you can.”

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35,748 Ron Paul MeetUp Members 8/21/07

Ron Paul 2008
31,031 Members in 763 Meetup Groups, 4,714 waiting for a Meetup Group
35,748 Total

Ron Paul and the War on Drugs

“Ron Paul is asked about the 10th Amendment, DEA raids on medical marijuana clinics, alcohol prohibition and how it compares to the War on Drugs, and whether the “Just Say No” program is a good idea.

Filmed August 18th 2007 at the NH Strafford County GOP Straw Poll.

Please visit http://www.sendtherightmessage.com for more information and to donate to the cause.”

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Ron Paul Alabama Straw poll run Part 2

“Alabama straw poll video inside the poll. Going down each table to see the overwelming actual support. A visual back up of the strength. “

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Ron Paul on Bay News 9 in Tampa FL

“Ron Paul Clearwater Meetup Group on Tampa Television Station.”

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